Pmw Use and Grayson's Book

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Mon Feb 18 14:49:50 CET 2008

On Feb 18, 2:29 am, "peterca... at" <peterca... at>
> On Feb 18, 5:30 am, "W. Watson" <wolf_tra... at> wrote:
> > I wonder why he uses it?
> He uses it because Pmw does a lot of heavy lifting for you when
> designing Tkinter apps. Pmw adds things like widgets pre-populated
> with scrollbars and labels and automatic widget/label alignment. I use
> Pmw for all but the most trivial Tkinter applications. That said,
> there is nothing in Pmw that you couldn't implement yourself in plain
> Tkinter, it's just already been done for you. Check out the Pmw site
> for lots of examples and details. Also, if you do install the module,
> it comes with a demo directory. Run to see Pmw in action.
> > If I want to run his examples, where do I put the
> > lib he includes? Same folder as the example?
> Library modules (like Pmw) generally belong in site-packages (/usr/lib/
> python2.x/site-packages in most unixes... not sure about windows).
> HTH,
> Pete

On Windows, most packages go here (adjust as needed for your setup):



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