ANN: NUCULAR B3 Full text indexing (now on Win32 too)

Paul Rubin http
Wed Feb 13 21:36:59 CET 2008

Aaron Watters <aaron.watters at> writes:
> ANNOUNCE: NUCULAR Fielded Full Text Indexing, BETA 3

Oh cool, I wondered if anything was going on with this.  I'm still
using Solr/Lucene while Nucular matures, which sounds to be moving
along nicely.

A while back we chatted about flash drives.  I did a little bit of
testing with a consumer CF card on an IDE adapter, and with a Corsair
Voyager GT usb pen drive on a USB port, and got "seek" times of about
0.7 to 1 msec, compared with about 7 msec for a hard drive.  I haven't
yet tried a serious SSD or a high speed (SLC) CF card.

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