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>>> > Working through the Mark Lutz book Programming Python 3rd Edition.
>>> > A couple of modules in the "Preview" chapter give me errors. Both on a
>>> > call:
>>> shelve uses the anydbm module; anydbm tries to select the best database
>>> module available, but apparently fails in your system.
>> But as I gain experience I'd like to return to this issue and try to
>> fix it.  Can you give me advice on how to go about that?
>> I'm working on a win98 system.  I have python on a linux system,
>> (Kubuntu) and winxp but it's more convenient right now for me to use
>> the 98 laptop.
> I've tried the example on WinXP and it runs fine. Looks like the bsddb 
> package isn't working on Windows98; I don't know if that platform is still 
> supported or not. Try submitting a bug report
> -- 
> Gabriel Genellina

Yeah, I think you're right.  I also have no problems with it on XP.

5.1 is supposed to be the last version that get win9x support.


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