__getattribute__ meta class?

bambam david at asdf.asdf
Wed Feb 27 06:44:10 CET 2008

Thank you both.

If I understand correctly, I have two new ways to creating my new classes:

class _Communicate(commandset2.CommandSet_Communicate):
    __metaclass__ = My_meta

_Communicate = create_wrapper_class 

and also two new ways to check for callable methods :~)


Gerard points out that I can re-define the callable methods instead of using
dynamic over-ride at each method call. It's left as an exercise for the 
to determine the behaviour of derived classes :~)

Carl points out that unless the methods are required to be static methods,
I can use a wrapper function from the parent object, instead of a wrapper
function from the parent class. And I can use a variable for my 
base class: self, or self.parent

Two new words are introduced: 'type' and 'super'. ...That part is still
opaque to me... I also don't know why the example meta class is derived
from 'type'.

The project is to interchangeably replace an object with a similar group of
objects.  The original project was not built with this in mind: there is 
here qualified to design that kind of project. So I'm retrofitting the 
model by modification. Successive attempts have involved more and more
complex modifications. In retrospect, the project has three parts: remove
side effects, push side effects to a common location, modify code so that
changes only affect areas that encapsulate side effects.  This code allows
top level code to pretend that the intermediate code has not changed.


"bambam" <david at asdf.asdf> wrote in message 
news:13s6v6fqagooab at corp.supernews.com...
>I have a class containing a series of classes like this:
> class Th(Externaldevice):
>  class _Communicate(commandset2.CommandSet_Communicate):
>    def __getattribute__(self,attrname):
>      attr = 
> commandset2.CommandSet_Communicate.__getattribute__(self,attrname)
>      if "__call__" in dir(attr):
>        return functools.partial(Th._wrapper_function, self.parent, attr)
>      else:
>        return attr
>  class _System(commandset2.CommandSet_System):
>    def __getattribute__(self,attrname):
>      attr = commandset2.System_Communicate.__getattribute__(self,attrname)
>      if "__call__" in dir(attr):
>        return functools.partial(Th._wrapper_function, self.parent, attr)
>      else:
>       return attr
> That is, a a wrapper function is applied to a bunch of methods in a bunch 
> of classes.
> The class declarations are simple, but even so, repetitive.
> Can anyone suggest a more compact representation for the class 
> declarations?
> Also, because the parent class name is given explicitly in the class 
> declarations, I can't over-ride the _wrapper_function in a child class, 
> except by over-riding each of the class declarations. Is there a way to 
> reference the _wrapper_function just to the containing class?
> Steve

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