What is the most simple, quicket, yet most powerful python Web-Framework?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Feb 6 04:47:08 CET 2008

xkenneth wrote:
>> My question is: "What makes you think that there is a royal road to web
>> development?"
> I don't, I was just hoping there was something I was missing, or more
> simple than anything I'd experienced.
>> You have already chosen some technology (Ajax and ZODB) without any
>> apparent justification.
> I've chosen Ajax for it's asynchronous nature. Alot of the data I'm
> going to be displayed needs to be updated immediately as it comes in.
> I've chosen ZODB because of the way it operates. I really enjoy the
> flexibility of an object-oriented database as well as the ZEO server,
> which will allow me to exactly what I need to do.
> Why not just consult your prejudices for the
>> others as well.
> I haven't made any decisions as to the technology I'm going to use
> with prejudice, I simply failed to explain properly why I chose those
> technologies.
>> Come to that, why is it even necessary to select a
>> Python-based solution?
> Most of my codebase is currently in python. I use python to do things
> like data acquisiton and signal processing. I'm very familiar with
> python, and I enjoy developing in it. Python has the technologies
> available to it that allow to do what I want to do.
>> I could say "Django can do everything you need from your description of
>> your requirements", but then you'd be disappointed that it does in fact
>> take time to learn how to do things in Django. Just like it does in any
>> other complex framework.
> Thanks.

 From what you've said then you probably *would* get along with Grok, 
but I am not sure that too much Ajax has been incorporated yet.

As far as I know (and it's difficult to track everything webby in 
Python, there's so much) TurboGears and Pylons (eventually to be 
integrated, I understand) seem to have gone furthest to integrate Ajax 
into the framework.

You are probably better decoupling the Ajax and the content parts, as 
most Ajax toolkits are designed to be dropped in to any HTML-based 
environment. I quite like MochiKit, but that's mostly about overcoming 
the deficiencies of the JavaScript language. Toolkits like ToscaWidgets 
will coexist with it quite nicely, and can be used with most web 
application frameworks.

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