PHP Developer highly interested in Python (web development) with some open questions...

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Sun Feb 24 21:41:40 CET 2008

On 24 fév, 13:44, Christian Heimes <li... at> wrote:
> Tamer Higazi wrote:
> > - What is the Zope Applikation Server? Is it also a Webserver like the
> > Apache or Tomcat Webserver?
> Zope is much more than a webserver. It's a web application server
> including a fast object database (ACID, support clustering and MVCC), a
> powerful plugin architecture, builtin security and many, many more.

It's also some kind of a Rube Goldberg thingie...

If you're into web applications, better to have a look at Pylons or
Django IMHO.

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