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Thu Feb 7 15:00:04 CET 2008

Guido van Brakel wrote:
> Hello
> I totally new to python and i'm doing a python course now. Maybe someone 
> could help me a little bit here:
> I need to create this script.
> If i enter a center digit like 5 for example i need to create two 
> vertical and horzitonal rows that looks like this. If i enter 6 it shows 
> 6 six starts. How can i do this, because i don't have any clue.
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> *   *
> *   *
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Welcome to

We have a tradition here of helping people with classwork by asking them 
to make an attempt to solve their problem. Then we will point out what 
is wrong with your effort and try and help you to improve it by 
improving your understanding of Python.

We wouldn't be helping you very much if we just gave you an answer that 
you had no understanding of, and it would be embarrassing if your 
teacher asked you to explain it.

It doesn't matter how awful your code is, people here are generally kind 
to those making an honest first attempt.

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