Globals or objects?

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Thu Feb 21 14:41:22 CET 2008

Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:
> MartinRinehart at wrote:
> > I had a global variable holding a count. One source Google found
> > suggested that I wouldn't need the global if I used an object. So I
> > created a Singleton class that now holds the former global as an
> > instance attribute. Bye, bye, global.
> > 
> > But later I thought about it. I cannot see a single advantage to the
> > object approach. Am I missing something? Or was the original global a
> > better, cleaner solution to the "I need a value I can read/write from
> > several places" problem?
> Look up "coupling" and "cohesion" in Wikipedia or similar, and you will 
> find out that global variables are bad because they introduce tight 
> coupling between different pieces of functionality in your code.
I think the OP was asking rather how the Object is any different from
the global if it's simply used as a wrapper for a single value.

In usage, philosophy or whatever it's effectively identical and
introduces all the same problems as a global does, it just gives it a
longer name.

Objects only become useful when the encapsulate more than on thing.

Chris Green

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