Threading the Python interpreter

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> MooJoo wrote:
> > Since I'm running each python instance in a new process, I don't believe 
> > that there is a problem and, in my testing so far, I haven't encountered 
> > anything that would lead me to believe there is a potential time bomb 
> > here. Am I correct in my assumption this is OK or just lucky so far?
> >   
> FYI -- That's not multi threading that's multiprocessing. You're safe.

Actually that's multiprogramming (or less commonly multitasking).
It's a common confusion, but in the literature, multiprocessing
means the use of multiple processors (often via "multiple cores"
in todays desktop systems).

Unfortunately for the cause of language regularity, the terms
developed separately in somewhat different communities.  The term
multiprocessing evolved in the early 1960s associated with a
hardware manufacturer of multiprocessor systems.  The term process
evolved in the mid 1960s associated with the academic community.
And the term multiprogramming evolved in the late 1960s.  All three
terms were eventually accepted by the larger computing community
with little change in their original meanings.

But, the OP should still be safe.

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