Passing a callable object to Thread

Paul Rubin http
Sat Feb 16 01:23:34 CET 2008

skawaii <skawaii at> writes:
> >>> t = th.Thread(target=tribalwars.populate_all_tribes, args=("data/w7/"))
> TypeError: populate_all_tribes() takes exactly 1 argument (8 given)
> Can anybody clue me in on what I'm doing wrong? Does my function need
> to have a different signature (i.e. *args, **kwargs) in order for this
> to work?

Thread expects args to be a tuple or list or arguments.  You passed it
a list of 8 characters (what we sometimes call a string).  You wanted
a tuple containing that list:

 t = th.Thread(target=tribalwars.populate_all_tribes, args=("data/w7/",))

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