Client side GUI-like web framework ?

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Tue Feb 5 01:09:43 CET 2008

USCode wrote:
> riquito at wrote:
>> You just described what XUL aims to be
>> At present it lacks for sure documentation (or maybe it isn't
>> organized really well)
> Just took a look at XUL and it in some ways describes what I was 
> thinking except it doesn't appear to deliver it's interface via a 
> browser/web server.  Then your application wouldn't be accessible via a 
> web browser through the internet.  The XUL application still appears to 
> only execute locally on the client machine?

But it is served up in the firefox web browser.  A good example is:

The UI always, by definition, has to run on the client.  This is true
whether you're talking about a non-web-based GUI, or an html form.  XUL
is no different.  XUL does blend client and server-side logic into a
stateful app.

> Also, personally I find having to describe your interface directly via 
> XML (XUL) is just plain ugly.

I agree completey.


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