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castironpi at gmail.com castironpi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 21:58:17 CET 2008

> In Economics, they call it "Economy to Scale"- the effect, and the
> point, and past it, where the cost to produce N goods on a supply
> curve on which 0 goods costs 0 exceeds that on one on which 0 goods
> costs more than 0: the opposite of diminishing returns.  Does the
> benefit of encapsulating the specifics of the XML file, including the
> practice, exceed the cost of it?

And for all the management out there, yes.  As soon as possible does
mean as crappy as possible.  Extra is extra.  Assume the sooner the
crappier and the theorem follows.  (Now, corroborate the premise...)

P.S.  Gluttony is American too.

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