Is there a open souce IDE writen by C( C++) or partly writen by C( C++)?

zaley lizhongan at
Mon Feb 25 11:49:38 CET 2008

On 2月25日, 下午12时02分, Ricardo Aráoz <ricar... at> wrote:
> zaley wrote:
> > On 2月25日, 上午10时35分, Ricardo Aráoz <ricar... at> wrote:
> >> zaley wrote:
> >>>>> So I hope I can find something helpful in open source IDE for python.
> >>>> Exactly so. PyScripter does it easy, besides you can have in different
> ...
> ..
> >> >From then on you are on your own.
> >> HTH
> > Hehe. You misunderstand me really.  I know what you say
> > I just want to know how to realize it using C language or other
> > language.
> > I need such source code to study
> Ooops! Sorry. My fault.

OK. I have found PyScripter's source code in "http://" by svn.
Although It is writen with delphi,I think I can greatly profit from
Thinks a lot

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