PHP Developer highly interested in Python (web development) with some open questions...

Tamer Higazi th982a at
Sun Feb 24 06:48:44 CET 2008

My brother is dreaming and dying for python and swear that it is the
ultimate killer application language.

I am coding Webapplication in PHP5 and ask myself if for python are:

- application frameworks like: "Zend Framework" and ezComponents
- What is the Zope Applikation Server? Is it also a Webserver like the
Apache or Tomcat Webserver?

- Is there a way of Round Tripp engineering based on UML XMI Files to
generate python files (with it's dependencies) ????

- Let us assume, I want to write a Web application in Python (what I did
now in PHP5) and want to distribute my work under commercial usage.

Can I encrypt my work and generate Licence Files for Customers who would
purchase my End-Sollution like with:

- Zend Encoder
- IonCube
- SourceGuardian


I just ask, because I have finished a product and will encrpyt it with
the Ioncube encoder based on PHP5.

for answering all my Questions, I would thank you guys very much.

Tamer Higazi

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