Dear David (was: MyHDL project)

ajaksu ajaksu at
Fri Feb 8 02:59:19 CET 2008

On Feb 7, 10:05 pm, "Blubaugh, David A." <dbluba... at> wrote:
> I do not understand why people such as yourself cannot construct
> anything but insults and complaints.

I can help with that. People asked politely a few days ago. Didn't you
see it? It happens because you're not following basic etiquette and
common practice for online communication. That makes your messages
annoying and unpleasant, so people complain and insult in return.
Things like USING CAPS AND LOTS OF PUNCTUATION SUCkS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT MAKES READING HARDER!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!1!!!!!
??????????????????? YOU DO,

You don't actually engage in conversation. That also sucks.

So... I don't understand why people such as yourself cannot construct
queries in a readable fashion, improving them based on polite
feedback, then get angry when nobody cares to answer them.

>  Please e-mail me something that is
> of reasonable technological value regarding Python development

No. I've already done that, just after you were throwing fits, without
a word from you. But congratulations on getting your first grown-up-
ish post and request, anyway.

> not just
> informing me that that my messages are difficult to read under
> circumstances that are ridiculous at best.  thanks.

Sorry, not everyone is an EE with lots of experience on environments
that make jerk-grammar easier to parse, SIR.

I live in a 3rd World country and my screen is actually based on
highly trained fire ants carrying leaf litter. Do you know how
exhausted the poor things get trying to fetch all those curvy twigs
for your question marks? Mine, above, were typed in veeery slowly,
just to avoid that.

Wishing you luck with your thesis,

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