ANN: Strangle 0.3.0 DNS parsing library based on BIND9

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Mon Feb 25 13:30:03 CET 2008

Jason Smith <jhs at> wrote:
>  This message is to announce a python module, Strangle, which provides a 
>  convenient way for mere mortals to parse DNS packets in Python, based on 
>  the mature functionality of BIND 9.
>  Strangle allows you to see DNS messages in two ways:
>     * Direct access to the libbind parsing routines (C-style)
>     * A Python object with various meaningful attributes (OO-style)

Sounds very interesting!

How easy would it be to write a nameserver with this code?  I looked
at the examples but I couldn't see one?  Having a simple nameserver
written in python would be very useful indeed...

Nick Craig-Wood <nick at> --

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