extending python with array functions

Janwillem jwevdijk at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 4 21:44:42 CET 2008

I want to make numerical functions that can be called from python.
I am programming in pascal the last few decades so I had a look at 
"python for delphi" (P4D). The demo09 gives as example  add(a,b) using 
integers and pyarg_parsetuple. That works!

However, I cannot figure out what to do when a, b and the result are 
arrays (or matrices) of float (for i:=0 to high(a) do c[i]:=a[i]+b[i]; 
and then return c to python). Although from the ALGOL60 school and 
always tried to keep far from pointers, I might also understand advise in C.

Please get me started e.g. by giving a simple example.
Many thanks,

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