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Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Sat Feb 23 19:13:20 CET 2008

On Feb 23, 6:40 am, Jeff Schwab <j... at> wrote:
> Recently, I've had a few replies in tones that imply I'm on the brink of
> entering several kill-files, mostly because I express disagreement with
> a few closely held beliefs of some other c.l.p posters.

A bit of advice:

Python and C++ have almost no common ground in terms of what the
priorties of the language are.  So, if you're a big proponent of the
language features of C++, you really ought to expect lots of
disagreement over just about anything you opine.

P.S. I've had much sharper disagreements with some Pythonistas over
aspects of Python.  None of them are in my killfile.

> One of the things that's supposed to be great about Python is the user
> community, and in many ways, that community is wonderful; for example,
> both new and experienced users can quickly get a variety of solutions to
> any given coding issue, just by asking for help.

They say that about every small language community.

> In other ways, though, the Python community is just blindingly ignorant,
> arrogant, and argumentative.

You're not exactly riding the humble bus there yourself, chief.
Saying things like (in so many words), "I'm just here because C++
doesn't have good runtime libraries", doesn't come off too well.

> and I am starting to become
> really concerned about the clarity of mind of the Python community,
> because I hope to rely on it.

I think your expectations for the Python community are unreasonable.

My advice to you, if you want a good relationship with the Python
community, would be to keep the comparisons with C++ out of it as much
as possible.  Understand that a lot--a lot--of people are going to say
bad things about C++ and various features that C++ implements.  If you
try to defend C++ every time that happens, you won't last long here.

Carl Banks

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