Pythons & Ladders

Jeff Schwab jeff at
Thu Feb 28 19:34:45 CET 2008

Marc 'BlackJack' Rintsch wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:18:27 -0800, Jeff Schwab wrote:
>> Benoit wrote:
>>> I've been teaching myself the python language over the past few months
>>> using Mark Lutz' Learning Python, 3ed.  Python is also the first
>>> programming language I've ever taken up.  I find the language easy to
>>> learn and rather productive in relation to the introductory course on C
>>> ++ I'd begun in January for fun @ school (we're practicing dynamic
>>> arrays using pointers... kill me now).
>> Get a better teacher, if you can.  Please do me a personal favor:  Don't 
>> hold the crappy course against C++.  For the record, you should never 
>> have to manage dynamically allocated arrays manually, nor store pointers 
>> to them.  Try the std::vector template, and post in comp.lang.c++ if 
>> have any trouble.
> Hey a flame bait.  I'll bite.

Excuse me?  Somebody posts about an introductory course on C++ covering 
"dynamic arrays using pointers" and literally says "kill me now," and 
I'm the flamer for asking him not to hold the language responsible for 
the bad course?

> This a bit of an overreaction unless you
> know what the course was about.

It's supposed to be about C++, according to the OP.

> If the goal is to learn about the
> computer and that basically everything is a number in the end, then C is a
> good choice.  More portable than assembler but nearly as close to the
> metal.

And a better choice than C++ would be.

> To the OP: If you try C++, don't hold that crappy language against C#, D,
> or Java.  ;-)

What's the relevance of C#, D, or Java to the OP's post?

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