Does anyone else use this little idiom?

samwyse dejanews at
Mon Feb 4 06:44:05 CET 2008

miller.paul.w at wrote:
> My apologies if any attributions are messed up.
> On Feb 3, 1:28 am, Steven D'Aprano <st... at REMOVE-THIS-
>> wrote:
>>If you want an explicit name, try a variation of "dontcare". Assuming
>>that you're an English speaker.

I'm with Steven here.  I typically use 'dontcare' or 'ignore', or 
occasionally 'asdf'.  I also tend to use variables whose name-length is 
proportional to the size of their scope.

> I'd really
> prefer something like the Ruby syntax because all you have to write is
> the number of times you want to do something, and then the thing you
> want to do.  (I guess, in that respect, I'd even consider the xrange
> call a redundancy.)

I'd like to see a '..' operator that does what 'xrange' does, but I'm 
not going to hold my breath.

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