Recursion limit of pickle?

Victor Lin Bornstub at
Sat Feb 9 12:49:46 CET 2008


I encounter a problem with pickle.
I download a html from:

and parse it with BeautifulSoup.
This page is very huge.
When I use pickle to dump it, a RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth
exceeded occur.
I think it is cause by this problem at first :

But and then I do not think so, because I log recursion call of pickle
in file
I found that the recursion limit is exceeded in mid-way to expand
whole the BeautifulSoup object.
Not repeat to call some methods.

This is the code for test.

from BeautifulSoup import *

import pickle as pickle
import urllib

doc = urllib.urlopen('

import sys

soup = BeautifulSoup(doc)
print pickle.dumps(soup)

What I want to ask is: Is this cause by the limit of recursion limit
and stack size?

I had tired cPickle at first, and then I try pickle, cPickle just stop
running program without any message.
I think it is also implement with recursion way, and it also over flow
stack when dumping soup.

Are there any version of pickle that implement with no-recursion way?


Victor Lin.

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