Run wxPython app remotely under XWindows

Sean DiZazzo half.italian at
Fri Feb 29 00:58:30 CET 2008

On Feb 28, 3:50 pm, Bjoern Schliessmann <usenet-
mail-0306.20.chr0n... at> wrote:
> Sean DiZazzo wrote:
> > Is there something special you have to do to get a wxPython app to
> > run remotely under xwindows?  My Tkinter apps always automatically
> > work that way, so I was surprised to even be confronted with this
> > problem.
> Could you please provide more detail? My wxPython apps run perfectly
> remotely in the X Window System like this:
> $ ssh some-other-machine
> $ DISPLAY=:0 ./

huh...I am logging into the remote machine with "ssh -X"  (actually
with '-Y' in this case because its a mac), then I execute the program
ie.  `./'  Under Tkinter, this would send the app to display on
the ssh client.  Under wxPython it opens it on the ssh server.

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but if I run 'xcalc' from the
same shell, the app opens where I expect it...ssh forwarding seems to
be working.


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