RELEASED Python 2.5.2, release candidate 1

Paul Rubin http
Fri Feb 15 02:39:09 CET 2008

Jeff Schwab <jeff at> writes:
> > I think it's fine as it is.  You can "release" a release candidate.
> You can, but it's confusing terminology.  In the context of software
> development, a release (PRODUCT_VERSION-RELEASE) is a different beast
> from a release candidate (PRODUCT_VERSION-RC1).

I agree with this, I think the "release candidate" has indeed been
released in a nontrivial way and should get its own label like
2.5.2-RC1.  It has characteristics that a random SVN snapshot doesn't
have, and in some situations there might be reasons to deploy
applications using it (e.g. applications relying on bug fixes that the
RC contains).  Therefore the RC has to be labelled and archived for
purposes of tracing problems in any such applications, even if the RC
itself will not receive any support or back-fixes.

I join everyone else in thanking Martin for his work on this whole
effort.  This wording and naming thing is a trivial subtopic.

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