__getattribute__ meta class?

bambam david at asdf.asdf
Thu Feb 28 02:15:46 CET 2008

"Carl Banks" <pavlovevidence at gmail.com> wrote in message 
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> On Feb 27, 12:44 am, "bambam" <da... at asdf.asdf> wrote:
>> In retrospect, the project has three parts: remove
>> side effects, push side effects to a common location, modify code so that
>> changes only affect areas that encapsulate side effects.  This code 
>> allows
>> top level code to pretend that the intermediate code has not changed.
> Gah.
> Libraries that "helpfully" do things on behalf of the user strike
> again, and the mess bambam posted is what you have to do to disable
> these "helpful" effects.
> I'll grant that it's possible that the library wasn't trying to be
> helpful and was just indicriminately letting side effects loose.
> Shame on the writer in any case.
> Carl Banks

(smile).  The hardware has been implemented in a conversational style:
you ask  a question, something happens, you get a response.  It's only
when you try the conversational style in a lecture theatre that you realise
the constraints.


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