brain stuck. whats occurring here?

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Feb 8 16:58:53 CET 2008

Ben Finney wrote:
> "Mariano Suárez-Alvarez" <mariano.suarezalvarez at> writes:
>> On Feb 7, 3:38 pm, Matthew_WAR... at wrote:
>>> [disclaimer dozens of lines long]
>> Is this absurd signature really necessary?
> No.
>     <URL:>
"Necessary" is dependent on control, of course, and I believe many 
people are in the same situation as Matthew. If they want to use 
corporate email they have to put up with the crap that their 
ill-informed legal department makes the sysadmins configure the outgoing 
mailer to add.

That particular trailing crud would be much nicer if they'd put a space 
after the leading "--", that way at least we wouldn't have to trim them 
out of our replies. This merely tells us that the sysadmins are as 
ill-informed as the legal staff ... or perhaps it's just Matthew trying 
his best to help us, since I see it appears above the list mailer 
trailer. The system is probably trimming the trailing spaces off the 
message body. Oh well, ...

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