Snackages [Re: is there enough information?]

Micah Cowan micah at
Thu Feb 28 00:06:56 CET 2008

Gabriel Genellina wrote:
>>     Speak not of Wendy's -- they moved into town in my college days...
>> The "hot and juicy" was commonly taken to mean: patty dipped in pan
>> drippings, then nuked in microwave... And any CompSci person could
>> figure out that the "256 different ways" meant one had access to a tray
>> of 8 condiments, and had any combination of on or off for each... 8
>> condiments, let's see: ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce,
>> tomato, cheese?
> I went once to Wendy's, and couldn't finish my sandwich. It was
> ho-rri-ble. It was not a surprise when they closed all their restaurants
> in Argentina and leave the country, after being here for less than 4 years.

You have _got_ to be kidding me. Where do you guys live? In California
(at least, Silicon Valley and Sacramento area), Wendy's and In-N-Out are
the only "fast food" chains that sell anything that taste like real
hamburgers. Way, _way_ better than the cardboard stuff at McD's and
BK. 	Though Carl's Jr's $6 burgers are okay. And Carl's has _terrific_
ice cream shakes, whereas Wendy's has... "frosted dairy desserts". :p

Great. Now I'm hungry.

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