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Thu Feb 21 13:22:04 CET 2008

Jacob Davis <j.foster.davis at> writes:

> Hi. I am a newbie to usenet. I am using mac and have downloaded a
> free usenet client, "MT-NewsWatcher". I put in comp.lang.python but
> it says that it cannot get the address of the news server host.

'comp.lang.python' is the name of the newsgroup, not the name of a
host (machine). Usenet newsgroups are accessible from many different
machines worldwide, all of which propagate the messages to each other
so that (ideally) any one group can be treated as a single group
distributed across the world.


You need to access the newsgroup via one of those servers, called a
"news feed" or "Usenet provider". That server's hostname is what you
need to configure your software to connect with.

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