European python developers

jerry at jerry at
Wed Feb 27 00:56:37 CET 2008

Hi Python Enthusiasts,

I am hoping one or two members of this list might help me locate in Europe
to begin a small team of developers with a focus on python for the central
part of the server development. 

My personal first choice is Spain only because I like it, and will
eventually have Spanish as a second language, but I am very concerned about
finding people, especially considering costs. 

I have worked virtually with three people from Ukraine and Russia, and a
chap living in Germany all who appear to be talented and others have told me
about other countries such as Poland. 

The point is that I can't really afford to run around and experiment, so I
was hoping for some helpful comments or suggestions on how to research, or
where to look, or how to recruit.

If this has already been a topic of the list, I would appreciate any

Thanks, Jerry

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