Python GUI toolkit

Grant Edwards grante at
Sun Feb 3 18:16:43 CET 2008

On 2008-02-03, Jorge Godoy <jgodoy at> wrote:

>> And they don't look native on systems that don't use Qt as the
>> native widget set.
> But then,  there's no toolkit that does.
> GTK based toolkits don't look native on Qt based systems.
> Same for a lot of others.

Quite true.

> What you can define is a platform as in operating system and
> then go with what the mainstream providers use for that.  For
> Windows and Mac that is easy, for *nix this is harder.

*nix users are pretty tolerant of "non-native" wiget sets.  I
imagine that all KDE users have certain non-Qt apps that they
use regularly and Gnome/XFCE users have non-GTK apps they use

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