graphing/plotting with python and interface builder

Jacob Davis j.foster.davis at
Sat Feb 23 19:37:57 CET 2008

Thanks for the reply.

I have wxPython installed and have used it.  with wx I have just been  
using the wx.lib.plot module and the graphing is fine (although in  
other posts I note some focus issues).

I have been looking at moving to using interface builder 3.0 and  
building Cocoa apps because for a bigger project it might be faster  
and better code.

I only want to make plots that show data... but I need to refresh the  
plot at every step.  with wx.lib.plot, i just draw it again  
(performance is not too big of an issue).  No user interaction is  

I will check out Chaco.  Like I said, I know how to use wx.lib.plot,  
so if there is a way that I can use the graphs created there that  
would be great... although I suspect that wx.lib.plot requires a frame  
as a parent, which I would not want to use since .nib files (from  
interface builder) would handle the gui side with PyObjC (a language  
which I don't know).



On Feb 22, 2008, at 10:30 PM, Peter Wang wrote:

> On Feb 22, 10:08 pm, Jacob Davis <j.foster.da... at> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I am developing for mac and using Xcode and Interface Builder 3.0.  I
>> can make a simple application, but I am having a hard time trying to
>> figure out a good way to create a graph orplotfor a class project.
>> Does anybody have any tips on where to get started, or on how to do
>> this?
>> I have searched far for several days now, but I don't know if I am on
>> the right track.  Any help is much appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Jake
> Jake, are you using any python-specific GUI libraries like wxPython,
> Qt, or Tk?  The Chaco plotting toolkit (
> chaco)  supports several different mechanisms for rendering on OS X;
> the default is to render via Quartz, but this requires wx or Qt.  I am
> also currently working on a (somewhat experimental) pure OpenGL
> backend, which doesn't require wxPython or Qt, just an active OpenGL
> context.
> Do you want to generate a fairly static plot, or do you want the user
> to be able to interact with it in some way?
> -Peter
> -- 

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