is there enough information?

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Tue Feb 26 18:13:35 CET 2008

On Feb 26, 10:59 am, Preston  Landers <pland... at> wrote:
> On Feb 26, 1:45 am, castiro... at wrote:
> > Two options occurred to me, which the first showed up in the earlier
> > extremely skeletal and cryptic post:
> Perhaps you would be more likely to get the kind of help you seem to
> want
> if you refrained from posting "cryptic and skeletal" messages. The
> fact that many
> other people have pointed this out to you as of late would tend to
> suggest
> you are trolling, i.e. intentionally trying to foster miscommunication
> and threads
> that do nothing to advance anyones understanding.
> And regarding your other recent post about trying to find a "solution"
> to the "problem"
> of immutable types...  Due to the above reasons you are unlikely to
> influence the
> design of the core language with half-baked stream of consciousness
> ramblings. These
> belong in your LiveJournal, not in c.l.python.
> If you have a problem you need help with, please read this entire
> document about 3 times
> before posting anything else:
> Specifically this:
> and this:

Ugh, very well.  You call for an explanation.

Back home, the original post would be interesting, so I wrote it.
Whatever reactions other people have to them is information that is
unavailable to me.  I don't know you.  I'm rather irked by a
proportion of posts, but for my part, it's hard to get me to point a

I am not a troll.  I want a sustainable, healthy, productive,
educational, informative relationship with frequenters of c.l.p, the
Python community at large, and anyone who has anything non-negative to
contribute.  If you are wanting to see how I react to hostility, just
ask.  I'll fake it for you, but only for a second at a time.

Now, what help is it that you believe I seem to want?  All I asked for
was, ideas.

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