most loved template engine on python is?

Tim Chase python.list at
Sun Feb 24 20:44:28 CET 2008

> AFAIK, there is no single blessed template system. If you're up to web
> development then your choice of framework will limit the choices for
> template engines. For example if you choose Django I guess you'll have
> to stick with its built-in template system (I might be wrong on this)

Django's templating system comes built-in when you install
Django, but it's just a module like any other Python module.
Django views all just return strings (or iterables), so you can
easily include your favorite templating engine if the default
doesn't do it for you.  Including

> genshi, kid, myghty and some others.

I've even (in a fit of laziness during a mockup) used python's
dictionary string formatting for a fast templating solution.

> For more info please see

They're are many to choose from, so pick one that works for you,
and it should plug fairly easily into your framework of choice.


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