Cannot understand error message

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Thu Feb 14 11:08:24 CET 2008

Bill Davy a écrit :
> Doh.


> Interesting that some colourers work better than others.  It must be quite a 
> challenge.
> IDLE did not offer a full traceback just a pop-up. 

Mmm... That sure is bad. Isn't there an option to get a better behaviour?

Anyway, just trying to run your script from the command-line, or import 
it from the (command-line) Python shell would have get you the full 

> If it had, I would 
> either have soved the problem or posted it.  I'm not afraid of long (boring) 
> posts.
> Many thanks for the help.  Must get a bigger screen and new eyes.

Or a better code editor.

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