How to convert markup text to plain text in python?

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Feb 1 17:54:19 CET 2008

>> Well, if all you want to do is remove everything from a "<" to a
>> ">", you can use
>>   >>> s = "<B>Today</B> is <U>Friday</U>"
>>   >>> import re
>>   >>> r = re.compile('<[^>]*>')
>>   >>> print r.sub('', s)
>>   Today is Friday
[Tim's ramblings about pathological cases snipped]
> The real answer to this question is "learn how to use Beautiful Soup" -- 
> see

Yes, for more pathological cases, BS does a great job of parsing
junk :)

However, as BS isn't batteries-included [Aside: BS and pyparsing
are two common solutions to problems that would make great
additions to the standard library], using a RE to make a
best-effort guess is a good first approximation of a solution
without needing to download extra packages--no matter how useful
those extra packages may be.


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