GUI definition for web and desktop

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sun Feb 3 21:29:31 CET 2008


Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>> On the other hand, if you want pure HTML for your web app, maybe you should
>> consider making the desktop app HTML-based, too?
> Jorge Godoy brought that up too, sounds pretty good, but how would
> that work? The desktop app would launch a mini webserver and the user
> would use his/her browser that connnects to the local web server?

That's a common solution. There's the webbrowser module, which allows you to
start a webbrowser in a platform independent way. The rest would be server driven.

> is there a GUI toolkit library for python which can render html?

At least GTK comes with libgtkhtml, but I bet there are others, too.


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