Why not a Python compiler?

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Thu Feb 7 23:34:50 CET 2008

Ivan Van Laningham wrote:

> Gary Kurtz at SunCon 77 explained that it was a test to see if Obi-Wan
> knew what he was doing; supposedly, Obi-Wan's expression indicated
> that he knew Solo was feeding him shit.
> I think Lucas didn't have a clue, myself; it's not credible that
> citizens of a starfaring civilization who deliberately set out to hire
> a starship wouldn't know the difference between time and distance.
> Occam's razor says Lucas screwed up and doesn't want to admit it.

Indeed, that is precisely what I would have said.  Any after-the-fact 
explanation of why the error was present (but not corrected or pointed 
out in the movie) is just so much rationalization.

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