standardization allows?

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Tue Feb 19 23:00:40 CET 2008

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> >Standardization allows RCA cables, bumpers, and 115V plugs.  The Bill
> >of Rights allows Huckleberry Finn.  What is the analogue of the Bill
> >of Rights for programmers and users, whether of programming languages
> >or latter-generation software?
> I want that drogues, man

Magnavox is free to make proprietary connection cable.  BNSF is free
to make train car trucks that are not 11' across.  Python programmers
are free to do X their way.

The std. lib. has readability and reliability problems.  Individuals
created their own slightly varying implementation.  It has its own
quirks and naming conventions.  This is RCA cable; it goes in.

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