GUI definition for web and desktop

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sun Feb 3 20:51:53 CET 2008

> > I'm looking for a simple text based GUI definition format and
> > associated python modules to work with it that is capable of defining
> > simple GUI's for *both* the web and the desktop. I have an application
> > that is accessible through the web and also through desktop
> > applications and both clients should be presented a simple dialog GUI.
> [...]
> > I haven't yet decided on the desktop client GUI library, it depends on
> > which library has such a dynamically generatable interface from a text
> > file. But it should be cross platform between linux and windows.
> That sounds a lot like XUL to me. That's the language that Mozilla browsers
> use for their GUI. AFAIR, it had Python bindings through XPCOM the last time
> I looked into it.

Thanks, I've looked into XUL but it looks too heavyweight to me.

> On the other hand, if you want pure HTML for your web app, maybe you should
> consider making the desktop app HTML-based, too?

Jorge Godoy brought that up too, sounds pretty good, but how would
that work? The desktop app would launch a mini webserver and the user
would use his/her browser that connnects to the local web server? Or
is there a GUI toolkit library for python which can render html?

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