How to autorun a python script when a specific user logs on?

Wolfgang Draxinger wdraxinger at
Fri Feb 8 15:35:59 CET 2008

jack trades wrote:

> Honestly I never even thought of that, it just sounded like a
> fun, and easy,
> project to put my mediocre programming skills to some use. 
> However his main concern is internet predators (too much
> Dateline I think) not porn, I should
> have worded it differently in the OP.

Technically I would not use a keylogger for this. Your
implementation can be circumvented easyly anyway, and every
spyware detection tool will report the hooks immediately.
However I think that tool could do nicely for application
documentation :-)

To protect the children from predators I'd use transparent
proxies, to analyze all textual traffic for specific statistical
patters, kinda like a Bayes Spam filter, and raise an alarm as
soon something unusual, eventually in combination with some
keywords happens.

This includes majorly 3 protocols: HTTP, SMTP and IRC. e-mails
should be prefiltered anyway, alone for all the spam.

Such a system is best installed on a dedicated machine, e.g. a
Linux based router/gateway, that transparently sends all HTTP,
SMTP and IRC traffic through the analyzers. This cannot be
circumvented, as long the kids don't know the root password for
the gateway.

If you're still up on making screenshots, I'd recommend to
install a VNC deamon, as a _system service_(!), to which the
alarm action program connects to make screenshots.

Wolfgang Draxinger
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