boolean decisions

Robin Becker robin at
Tue Feb 5 15:34:13 CET 2008

Zentrader wrote:
>> and then choose the solution with the
>> shortest number of terms or something
> Experience says that one should not assume that there is a one to one
> relationship, ("the" solution).  Some event can trigger more than one
> combination of the 6 binary input variables.  And experience says that
> the business users are not aware of all of the possible outcomes or
> that there may be some one-to-many relationships, which may be why
> they want the computer to do it.  This is a problem that occurs
> everywhere.  There are various decision table techniques, but good
> algorithms seem to be in short supply.
in practice the decisions are mostly singletons and I'm fairly sure which order 
they have to be made in.
Robin Becker

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