Win32 python: odd behavior when run via ssh

Ross Ridge rridge at
Sat Feb 2 01:31:06 CET 2008

Grant Edwards  <grante at> wrote:
>When I ssh into a windows machine (running Cygwin sshd), I can
>invoke python at the shell prompt (you have to use -i option
>and I don't really understand why).
>Once it's started there are couple rather odd behaviors:
> 1) readline support doesn't work.

My guess is either that Cygwin version of Python you invoked doesn't
think that stdin/stdout is attached to a tty (ie. the pseudo-terminal
that sshd should create), or you're using official Win32 "native" Python
distribution Python and it doesn't think stdin/stdout is attached to
a console.

If you're using the Cygwin version of Python than it's probably bug.
If you're using the offficial Win32 port of Python than you probably
want to use the Cygwin version because Win32 version doesn't support
readline anyways.

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