ANN: Phatch = PHoto bATCH processor and renamer based on PIL

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Fri Feb 22 15:36:37 CET 2008

On Feb 22, 2:39 am, "SPE - Stani's Python Editor"
<spe.stani... at> wrote:
> On Feb 22, 1:41 am, Mike Driscoll <kyoso... at> wrote:
> > On Feb 20, 4:19 am, Stani <spe.stani... at> wrote:
> > > Even without python-pyexiv2 Phatch features read-only EXIF support thanks to
> > > PIL. So you can name your files or write data stamps (date, aperature, velocity,
> > > ...) based on EXIF information. If you want to save EXIF and IPTC information to
> > > files you needpython-pyexiv2. From its website:
> > > "However, the library and all the tools used are cross-platform, so very little
> > > tweaking should be needed to get it to work fine on Windows or MacOS X."
> > > The exiv2 website says:
> > > "The Windows package only contains the command line utility exiv2.exe
> > > (statically linked), manpage and a sample command file; get the source and doc
> > > packages for the library, documentation and other tools."
> > > So maybe someone can compile it.
> > I'm confused. What needs to be compiled exactly? Are there any
> > directions? I'm not seeing any at  that website. I can give it a go if
> > someone can give me advice.
> You need to compile two things:
> 1. the exiv2 library
> 2. the python-pyexiv2 bindings
> For the exiv2 library, you will have to dive into the project:
> The Windows executable provided here was compiled with the MinGW cross
> compiler on an Intel 32 bit machine running Debian.
> Maybe the exiv2 Yahoo! group is the right place to be. If you look
> there for Windows threads maybe some might be helpful:
> The author of python-pyexiv2 is active there as well and explains his
> project uses Scons:
> I am not an expert on compiling extensions. In fact I only know
> Python. A windows version of exiv2 and python-pyexiv2 will only exist
> if some Windows programer(s) take the initiative.

I have Visual Studio 6 and .NET 2003 so I think I'm good for that.
Unfortunately, I am not the best at compiling. Hopefully the links you
provided will have plenty of friendly pros who don't mind sharing
their wisdom.

> In case you can't compile, it wouldn't be so hard to write a wrapper
> around the provided windows executable to mimic the API of python-
> pyexiv2.

If it does turn out that they can't help me compile, would you know
how to do this? Are we talking about SWIG here? I've never written a

> I am afraid I can't help you more.
> Stani

Thanks again,


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