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Mon Feb 4 08:18:23 CET 2008

On 2008-02-03, default at defaulted.default <default at defaulted.default> wrote:
> what would be the best python GUI toolkit, it must be cross platform.
> i have tried gtk, but it interface are real bad and its coding was difficult
> so i dropped it,
> the only remaining are qt4 and wx, i would like to know if one of these or
> any other toolkit is capable of creating good-looking GUI's, like in other
> apps, for e.g, .net apps.
> i m a noob, and willing to learn, so difficulty is no problem

The real way to see is by installing each along with their respective demos,
looking over some of the demo code, and perhaps coding some simple apps in

Qt4 has the most polished and complete API.  When judging looks under the
X-Window System, make sure to run qtconfig and try some of the other themes.

WX seems to have more design warts (the layout system takes some getting
used to), but is quite capable and flexible and probably has the most native
look and feel under win32.  The license is much more liberal for commercial
use.  Also, it comes with OS/X (both Tiger and Leopard), is easy to
install under MSWindows).   

Dave Cook

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