boolean decisions

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Tue Feb 5 12:26:27 CET 2008

Robin Becker wrote:

> I have a couple of business decisions to make that essentially use 6
> binary input variables. After the business users have gone back and forth
> for two weeks trying to build special case rules I asked them to make up a
> table containing all of the input possibilities and specify what should
> happen in each case. There are only 64 rows and some of the decisions are
> obviously explainable in simple ways ie
> if a and not b do action 1
> is there a way to derive simplified rules for each binary outcome? I'm
> sure this is a standard sort of problem and probably some python code is
> out there. It seems to me I need to solve an overdetermined binary
> equation system and then choose the solution with the shortest number of
> terms or something, but perhaps I am daft.

Triggered this in some deep-rootet parts of my brain stem:


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