returning regex matches as lists

Jonathan Lukens jonathan.lukens at
Fri Feb 15 22:25:59 CET 2008

> What would you like to see instead?

I had mostly just expected that there was some method that would
return each entire match as an item on a list.  I have this pattern:

>>> import re
>>> corporate_names = re.compile(u'(?u)\\b([А-Я]{2,}\\s+)([<<"][а-яА-Я]+)(\\s*-?[а-яА-Я]+)*([>>"])')
>>> terms = corporate_names.findall(sourcetext)

Which matches a specific way that Russian company names are
formatted.  I was expecting a method that would return this:

>>> terms
[u'string one', u'string two', u'string three']

...mostly because I was working it this way in Java and haven't
learned to do things the Python way yet.  At the suggestion from
someone on the list, I just used list() on all the tuples like so:

>>> detupled_terms = [list(term_tuple) for term_tuple in terms]
>>> delisted_terms = [''.join(term_list) for term_list in detupled_terms]

which achieves the desired result, but I am not a programmer and so I
would still be interested to know if there is a more elegant way of
doing this.

I appreciate the help.


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