MyHDL project !!!!!

chewie54 dfabrizio51 at
Fri Feb 1 17:10:02 CET 2008

> Dan,
> I would be honored to start a project such as that in mind.  How do we
> begin ??????
> David Blubaugh
> Why not use MyHDL which is written in Python and translates to Verilog.
> I assume ImpulseC is a commercial product and costs a log.  MyHDL is
> free.
> If you have any interests in combining MyHDL with SciPy and NumPy I
> would be interested in getting involved.
> Dan Fabrizio


Let's start by discussing your masters thesis subject in more detail.
We can take a project from conception to hardware using MyHDL,  NumPy
and SciPy.  Maybe you could use this project as a proof for your
thesis showing this methodology warrants consideration compared other
ASIC/FPGA flows.

Let's discuss some of your ideas and decide how to proceed.


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