Return value of an assignment statement?

Jeff Schwab jeff at
Fri Feb 22 01:21:36 CET 2008

Steve Holden wrote:
> Jeff Schwab wrote:
>> bruno.desthuilliers at wrote:
> [...]
>>> Now there's no reason to feel nervous about this. All you have to
>>> remember is that Python never copy anything unless explicitely asked
>>> for.
>> It's not that simple.  After a statement like:
>>     a = b
>> Whether a and b denote the same object depends on what kind of object 
>> b represented in the first place.
> Surely this is exactly wrong. Is there a single example you can think of 
> where
> a = b

a += b (my bad)

> assert a is b, "Oops!"
> would raise and exception? Perhaps you meant to use an augmented 
> assignment operation?

Why, yes I did!  Sorry about that.

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