Is there a open souce IDE writen by C( C++) or partly writen by C( C++)?

zaley lizhongan at
Mon Feb 25 02:59:07 CET 2008

On 2月25日, 上午10时35分, Ricardo Aráoz <ricaraoz at> wrote:
> zaley wrote:
> >>> So I hope I can find something helpful in open source IDE for python.
> >> Exactly so. PyScripter does it easy, besides you can have in different
> >> tabs all the modules of your application. You just hit the run button
> >> and your program runs, you hit the debug button and you start going step
> >> by step. It's free, easy to install, just give it a try and if you don't
> >> like it just trash it.
> > I just want to know how to do it!!
> Ok, I hope I'm not misunderstanding you.
> You go to
> and you download PyScripter (windows installer). Then you run the
> downloaded file (that would be PyScripter-setup.exe) and that will
> install PyScripter in your machine. You run PyScripter, click the "open"
>  button or menu File/Open... and choose the program you want to debug.
> It  will be opened in an edit window in your PyScripter main window.
> Then you click on "Step into subroutine" button or just press <F7> and
> you'll be in the first line of your program. From then on you keep
> clicking "Step into subroutine" (<F7>) or "Step over next function call"
> (<F8>) or "Step out of the current subroutine" or "Run to cursor" as you
> see fit. You can add breakpoints just by clicking to the left of the
> line numbers or the appropriate button. You can watch what's going on in
> your program in the lower partition of your main window where you have a
> "Call Stack" tab and also "Variables", "Watches", "Breakpoints",
> "Output" and "Messages" tabs.
> >From then on you are on your own.

Hehe. You misunderstand me really.  I know what you say
I just want to know how to realize it using C language or other
I need such source code to study

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