What is the most simple, quicket, yet most powerful python Web-Framework?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Feb 6 04:23:48 CET 2008

xkenneth wrote:
> All,
>       I'm trying to build a simple web application, but i still need
> things like sessions and Ajax. I tried to create a Zope product, but I
> honestly can't think of anything more cryptic. I really don't enjoy
> learning all of the "magic code" and debugging an environment I have
> to study to know the slightest thing about.
>       I'm looking for simple, fast, and easy. I'm both a manager and a
> developer, so I don't have a lot of time to try things out and see
> what fits best. I need a solution i can implement well and with a
> great deal of speed.
>       My project is going to be rather simple, just some simple forms
> for setup/configuration, user management, I assume I'll need
> templates, I'd like to use Ajax or  a similar technology to display
> orthogonal and polar graphs that automatically update. For the DB
> backend I'm planning on using ZODB. ZODB is actually quite amazing,
> and after using it, I honestly can't think of a reason for using a SQL
> database.
>       All help is appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions.
My question is: "What makes you think that there is a royal road to web 

You have already chosen some technology (Ajax and ZODB) without any 
apparent justification. Why not just consult your prejudices for the 
others as well. Come to that, why is it even necessary to select a 
Python-based solution?

I could say "Django can do everything you need from your description of 
your requirements", but then you'd be disappointed that it does in fact 
take time to learn how to do things in Django. Just like it does in any 
other complex framework.

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