Email Directly from python

Martin P. Hellwig xng at
Wed Feb 13 21:59:59 CET 2008

Larry Bates wrote:
> brad wrote:
>> I'd like to send email directly from within python without having to 
>> rely on an external smtp server. You know, something like the good, 
>> old Unix...
>> echo My_message | mail -s Subject person at
>> Can Python do something similar in a portable fashion without a smtp 
>> server installed on the machine?
>> Thanks,
>> Brad
> smtp module can do what you want yes.
> -Larry
The tricky part is how to resolve the mail server for a mail address. 
Usually you have to query the mx record of that domain. I solved that by 
  looking if I can find the nslookup binary.

I already wrote a command line mailer that can do attachments too, no 
need to write it again. If anybody is interested I can open-source it.


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