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> Cheers for the help, the second way looked to be the best in the end,
> and thanks for the boolean idea
> Mike
> working_CSV =  "//filer/common/technical/Research/E2C/Template_CSV/
> DFAExposureToConversionQueryTool.csv"
> save_file = open("//filer/common/technical/Research/E2C/Template_CSV/
> CSV_Data2.csv","w")
> CSV_Data = open(working_CSV)
> data = CSV_Data.readlines()
> flag=False
> for record in data:
>     if record.startswith('"Transaction ID"'):
>         flag=True
>     if flag:
>         save_file.write(record)
> save_file.close()

Don't be a pansy.

Use the csv module, or add a check for
record.startswith('TransactionID').  There's no guarantee that csv
columns will be double-quoted.  (Leading whitespace may or may not be
acceptable, too.)  Look at the first piece of sample code in the
documentation for the csv module.  (Section 9.1.5 in python 2.5)  You're
99% of the way to using csv.reader() properly.

Nitpick:  If the boolean check is expensive, then
	if not flag and record.startswith(...):
		flag = true

Nitpick:  flag is a weak name.  Use something like bPrint, okay2print,
or print_now or anything that's more descriptive.  In larger and/or more
complex programs, meaningful variable names are a must.


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